Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not my day

A while back, I had some rewards points to spend with my bank. They went to an Amazon gift card, and then they threw in some magazine subscriptions. I picked Outdoor Photography, Wine Spectator, and Bon Appetit. Tonight's entry (long overdue, thank you for your patience) was supposed to be a chicken & chickpea stew from their pages.

I ran into a small problem. Seems I ordered chicken thighs with skin on them, and the recipe called for skinless, so I put the thighs in the sink, de-skinned them, trashed the detritus and scrubbed out the sink, thinking I'd been rinsing most thoroughly.

I browned the chicken, mixed up the spices, let the chicken stew for a bit, then put a strainer in the sink and dumped the chick peas in the strainer and started to rinse. And they kind of foamed--the disposal backed up some soapsuds into my chick peas. I was not going to take any chances, so out they went, to be replaced tomorrow. Tonight, I sent out for gyros.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. . . 

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