Saturday, October 19, 2013

Special Guest Meal: Savory Crepes

I've had this on my iPad for a while. I got the iPad about six months ago to study for the CAPM on the train, and ran into a bit of a financial bind. While Verizon has a lot of good signal, it also has a lot of dead spots and I was sucking down data at a rate only exceeded by the ingestion of morning coffee.

I killed the data plan and started using the iPad for other things and it is fabulous sitting on a kitchen counter, easel-style for keeping a recipe handy, or for making notes.

Earlier this year one of our foodie friends gifted my sweetie with a crepe pan and he finally got a chance to try it out. These are nicely eggy savory crepes and the ingredients go as follows:

2 eggs beaten gently
30 g cake flour
100 g all-purpose flour
350 g milk
3 T melted butter

additional butter for greasing the pan.

Mix all liquids and solids separately.
Mix in the flour gently and get as much of the balls out for crushing. Don't worry too much about getting them all.

While letting the batter rest, heat your cast-iron enameled crepe pan over medium head. Butter the pan and ladle the batter into the pan. Use the wooden t-tool that came with the pan to gently spread the batter around. Let it cook until it's dry on top, then flip. About 20-30 seconds later, it will be done and transfer to a plate lined with paper towels. Use extra paper towels to keep the crepes separately. Makes about 6.

I filled these with a combination of pink sauce, pork cube, onions and mushrooms. It worked out rather well. Next, I want to try sweet crepes, with lemon juice and just a little sugar.

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