Sunday, October 13, 2013

Stir Crazy 5 mac & cheese with Mexican fixings

Hi folks, it's been a while. I had this great idea about catching up this morning, but then I slept. Then we had to go to the grocery store because I didn't have any poblanos and then I had to change my plans and buy cubanelles.

I'm not sure where I got the idea to do this, but I adore chorizo, and I've made it with scrambled eggs and cheddar, so why not pasta?

I used the basic recipe I settled on way back when, with the addition of about 7 oz of chopped chorizo and about a half cup of chopped cubanelles. I zapped the chorizo in a pan first thing to release some of the oil.

For cheese I used 2 cups of sharp cheddar and one of jack. For some reason, this batch came out a little thinner than usual, so Nexx grated some more cheddar. At the last minute, I stirred in two T of Dos Equis

The sauce got stirred into the pasta first, this allowed the starch from the pasta to thicken the sauce a little bit. Next I added the peppers (raw, I wanted a fresh crunch) and then the chorizo.

Quite the delicious combination. I also added a bit of chili powder to my bowl right before serving. I drank the rest of the beer alongside.

I am quite full. And quite happy.

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