Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There's the Rub (placeholder)

Hi everyone! I took a much needed break last week and am going to be getting back to regular blogging . . .tomorrow.

It was going to be tonight--I have a pork roast that will be covered with a Caribbean spice rub and served with rice and beans, with fruit for dessert. This was going to go up last week, but I discovered I left out a crucial ingredient, so I have to make it again. 

Please stand by, I really appreciate your patience. Meanwhile, there should be an entry up tomorrow night, and I have another winner of a spice rub to go up next week.

Meanwhile, I come to you, spatula in hand, for some assistance. 

I need something to tear apart, folks. Or send me an idea, and I'll research like I did with the pesto. 

I have tons of recipes that work, some (like the ones I got from the food Network's Mario Batali (and why did they release him from Iron Chef? Idiots) that don't need any adjustment at all. You'll see some of those in later weeks.

Until tomorrow!

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  1. Yo, chica, email me, woulda? I got an email that kinda sorta looks like it might be from you, but looks fishy to me. Merci.